by A.J. Wallerstein

One day down on the ranch, and much to my surprise,
A wrangler was stealin' all my things, and I didn't even realize.

He was stealin' all my hay.
My horses told him to go away.

They even ate his sleeve,
But he still didn't want to leave.

He really didn't want to go,
So, he became my evil foe.

I needed to hatch a plot,
This is what I went and got;

One very big piece of rope,
Also a very slippery bar of soap,

Added to it was a big basket,
And one HUGE casket.

The last thing I needed was a spring,
If I wanted to catch that nasty thing.

Once I had collected all the stuff,
I'd put it together to call his bluff.

First, he would step on the soap bar,
I was certain he would slip far.

This would cause him to fall into the basket,
And then he'd bounce into the casket.

For underneath the basket there would be a spring
And it would send that nasty thief for quite a sling.

The rope was hanging there in a noose,
To catch his leg, when it went flying loose.

Then I'd take him down,
And take him into town.

There is where he would be hung,
Which in turn would stop his lung.

This plan of mine plan really did work,
I sure taught him not to be a jerk.

I got back to my normal peace,
When this thievery did cease.