Erin: Get 12 large apples. If they are medium, get more. I use mostly granny smith. About 3/4 of them. Then for the rest get some red ones, but the new kind like honeycrisp or envy or pacific rose. Not red delicious which are mushy and gross! Do this about 3 apples at a time. Peel 3 apples. Wedge them with that thing your dad likes, then chop them. Use a knife or a slap chopper about 12 slaps. You want them in pieces about the size of a pea or smaller. Dump them in a bowl and drizzle Manischewitz over them and mix well to color them so they don't turn brown. Okay the wine will turn them sorta brown. Maybe use about a tablespoon or two. Repeat 3 apples at a time in the same bowl with a tablespoon or two of more wine each time. Can you do all the apples first and then all the wine? No, the apples will oxidize and turn brown and because I said so. Get some walnut halves and chop them up with a knife or the slap chopper. They should be smaller than the apples are chopped but not so small they are dust. Use about a half cup of chopped for 12 apples. Mix it up and if you can't taste the nuts, add a little more until you can just taste the nuts. Add sugar until it's sweet, mixing well. It should taste like pie-filling sweet and not like fresh apples. Maybe a half cup of sugar? I dunno, I do it by taste. It might even be a cup or a cup and a half? Then when it's sweet enough add a quarter cup of honey and mix that well. Add about a half teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Only add just enough so you can barely taste it. Again, go by taste so add a tiny bit more until you can taste it. Find some vanilla that is kosher for Passover. The vanilla plant is--the beans are not even considered kitniyot. But you can't use extract because it's made with alcohol and that means yeast! You can find vanilla powder at some stores or Trader Joes used to have alcohol free vanilla. That's what I have and maybe they still sell it. (We have Amazon now, so maybe it's not that hard to find.) Add a teaspoon and mix well. That is all. It's better if it sits an hour or two to get more liquidy. Really I do this all by taste so the amounts might be way off.