J: I haven't forgotten, nor have I stopped cooking, but the last few have been largely filled with repeats. One week I made Thai Green Curry with vegetables and Ten Vegetable Stew, both of which I wrote up in a past message. I think the only thing I did differently was that I used ground coriander instead of cilantro in the stew because I forgot to buy the latter. The next week I made Tarragon Cabbage and Potatoes, which you know how to make and has already been written. I also tried making risotto with brown rice. It came out pretty good, but took nearly two hours to turn mushy. Instead of parmesan, I added jalepeno jack cheese. Lastly, I made the Vegetable Pot Pie, after you told me you made it, after you got the idea from the message I sent you. How's that for a full circle? I doubled the recipe from my previous message and used a 15x10x2 (4 quart) glass baking dish. I also made mashed potatoes with brie, which turned out pretty good. I steamed about 8 pounds of peeled, quartered, yukon gold potatoes for about twenty minutes. While I had Spinoz mash (by hand) I added 1/4 cup margerine, 1 16 oz tub of non-fat sour cream, salt and pepper to taste, and 1 cut-up full wedge of brie I had left from my New Year's Eve party. I don't know what it weighed but it was the "normal" size wedge. Oh, I also steamed six artichokes (3 for a dollar!!!) I don't think I'm forgetting anything and sorry if it's cheating to put three meals in one message.