2000 TIME CAPSULE 2020

Closed January 9 2000 - Opened January 12 2020

Watch the video of the time capsule being dug up.

Music by Raymond Scott

Or watch the unedited version that answers the questions: do we have to watch you fill in the hole (13:10)? and where did that hand rake come from (6:20)?

Answers contributed to the "4 Questions" at the dinner in 2020

Memorabilia retrieved from the Time Capsule

Contents of the CD-ROM that Bill contributed

Okay, here's my contribution to the time capsule. Nothing fancy really. In fact the main reason I included this stuff is to see if anyone kept an obsolete media reader for 20 years. If anybody would, it would be Bruce. So if you can read this, you're probably standing over a 20-year old PC with an ancient (by computer standards) CD-ROM drive. Enjoy the pictures of some good times we had in the late 1990s. Listen to the tune, but especially, the words of the tune.


Listen to the tune from the CD.

See the photos from the CD

Photos from the roll of film, taken at dinner 2000, stored in the Time Capsule, and developed in 2020

Watch the video taken at dinner 2000 and stored in the Time Capsule.

Fake letter from Bruce, retrieved from the Time Capsule

Real letter from Bruce, retrieved from the Time Capsule

Photos taken at dinner 2020 by various guests

Photos by Tracy Saunders

Photos by Sarah Thailing

Photo by Joe Gabaldon

Thank you all!